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24 Laws to Improve the United States

So, John Hawkins over at Right Wing News had a brilliant idea - come up with 24 laws that would strengthen America. Now, a lot of mine will overlap his, true, but there's a few areas where he's sadly misguided. (The whole "legislating morality" bit I can do without.)

So, without further ado, 24 laws that would improve the United States.

  1. Term limits. Since the president spends the first two years in office learning the ropes, the next two years campaigning for re-election, and then, finally, spends four years actually accomplishing things, every president gets a single, six-year term. Same amount of work, less bullshit. Senators get two six-year terms (assuming re-election), representatives can get six two-year terms. (That's 12 years each.) After that, sadly for them, they'll need to get jobs.
  2. Overturn Kelo. There is no time when the government should be able to steal land from the people. It either pays market price for the land, or it does without. Period.
  3. Overturn Roe v. Wade. Abortion laws should be decided at the state level. It is NOT a federal issue.
  4. Implement H.R. 25 (the Fair Tax plan). A national, 22.5% sales tax, repealing the 16th Amendment, and giving a refund on the taxes paid on the first $20K of spending annually will eliminate the tax burden on the poor (making the lefties happy), cause the "old money" types who never have to buy anything new to stop paying taxes (making the righties happy), and leave the middle class, as usual carrying the burden. HOWEVER - it will eliminate the tax advantages of offshoring, will end the triple taxation on stock / business investments (a REAL hot button with me, do NOT get me started), increase tax revenues while decreasing the average burden, and cause large scale investments to increase R&D and employment. Win/win/win. For everyone, that is, except the politicians who sell out the taxpayers to get their lobbyists to give them more campaign finance.
  5. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. First we get rid of the unconstitutional McCain - Feingold idiocy. Let individuals donate as much as they want to a campaign. Corporations have a $1,000 annual limit per candidate.
  6. Legalize all drugs to take the profitability out of it. That will cause the surrounding gang violence to decline tremendously. Use the sales taxes to pay for rehab centers - again, make the lefties happy. Take the money spent on the DEA, and reduce taxes by that amount.
  7. End social security. Sorry, folks, but it wasn't a good idea then, it's not a good idea now. If you didn't save up enough while you were working, KEEP WORKING. Reduce taxes.
  8. End all forms of welfare, social and corporate. If you can't cut it in society, you're not the person we need populating society. The apple don't fall far from the tree, as they say. Tired of poverty? Work hard, educate yourself, get a decent job, get out of poverty. Don't give me any bullshit about lack of economic opportunity. I came from a trailer park in Mississippi, worked my ass off, got some certifications, got a job, used that job as leverage to get a BS, then an MS, and throughout all of that, subsequently better jobs. I went from earning $4,000 / year to making six figures. I didn't use welfare. Anyone thinks that welfare is their only salvation is welcome to starve. Call me a bastard if you want, the population is too high as it is.
  9. Add an amendment stating that nobody has the right to go through life without being offended. Anyone attempting to file suit against someone, or get someone fired for expressing their opinion, et cetera, can go fuck themselves. Freedom of speech isn't just speech with which you agree.
  10. Flag burning is allowed only by people currently wrapped in the flag to be burned.
  11. Legalize prostitution nationwide. Nevada prostitutes enjoy the lowest rate of VD, six-figure incomes without murderous / abusive / controlling pimps, and a way of making a decent income without a lot of education. I'm all about people getting out of poverty.
  12. School vouchers. Make all schools compete for students. Those who educate well, and lead their students to good jobs, will have more money (from the vouchers), those that suck will fester and die. While we're at it - no more tenure. That's bullshit, too.
  13. Health care reform - get insurance. Get PRIVATE insurance. If your company doesn't offer insurance, find a different company. Government's job is not to keep you healthy. The Medicare prescription drug benefit - gone.
  14. Tort reform. No more juries deciding the settlement amounts, and anyone bringing a frivolous lawsuit pays for the court's time.
  15. Any supreme court justice citing foreign law to justify wiping his/her ass with the constitution will be immediately removed from the bench, disbarred, and stripped of their citizenship. These fuckers need to learn whose constitution they're here to defend.
  16. Allow businesses to refuse to allow their employees to unionize.
  17. If there's oil under it, we can drill under it. Period.
  18. Annex Canada and Mexico. They've taken advantage of our military and economic largesse for far too long.
  19. Anyone who opposes against us in the GWOT suffers the following economic problems: Immediate call on any debts to us, with failure to pay resulting in the seizure of any US based assets owned by nationals of that country; total cessation of foreign aid to their country; complete embargo of all goods to and from their country from ours.
  20. No more affirmative action.
  21. Streamline HIPAA, Sarb-Ox, and Graham-Leach-Bliley.
  22. Make it easier to obtain legal citizenship and immigrate to the US. This will help stem the tide of illegals. At the same time, do not offer any welfare benefits to illegals. Or drivers licenses. When there's a five year waiting list to come to the states and be with a family member, it makes coming illegally more appealing.
  23. Citizenship rights are only granted to people born in the US to a woman legally in the United States. If she's here illegally, the child is not a US citizen. If she's here legally, even on a tourist visa, the child is a citizen.
  24. Scrap the FCC's indecency laws.

Like I said, John won't agree with the social aspects, but, hopefully, he'll get behind the economic ones. Draconian? Yes. Necessary, even more so.

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