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On Drug Dealers

Before you say to yourself, "Oh, good, another drug addled hippie, writing about legalizing drugs so he won't get busted", allow me to submit to you my credentials.

Now, on with the show.

America needs to legalize drugs.

There, I've said it. Now you can all say whatever it is you think, just as long as you read this the rest of the way through, think about it, and decide then. First, let's look at some of what keeping
drugs illegal has done:

Of course, with that much money floating around, it's clearly in some people's best interest to keep drugs illegal. Let's enumerate a few of those folks, shall we?

If you're keeping tabs, we're up to $66B so far - or $245 per American. Still seems like a small amount. However, we're now up to two and a half weeks of minimum wage annually. That means, if taxes were 100% of your paycheck until your tax bill was paid, the first 19 days of
the year would be spent paying for tracking down and punishing people who want
to get high.

(You'll notice that I bring up minimum wage a lot. That's because most of the people who want drugs to remain illegal use the excuse that drugs hurt the poor. I'm trying to demonstrate that the poor are more badly screwed by the government than by their neighboorhood drug dealers. )

How would legalization help?

Good question. Forget about the $66B wasted by the feds annually. (Well, of course, it all adds up, and the more waste we eliminate, the more we can put into productive wealth creation, thus
helping ease the burden on the poor, but that's another post, for another day.) Let's talk about immediate benefits.

If there weren’t a demand, there’d be no more supply. If the demand weren’t high enough to make it worth the risks of selling dope, then there would be no drug dealers. The demand isn’t going anywhere. The only way to stem the tide of crime is to make drugs legal. So a few people who place no value on their lives and brains die of overdoses, so what? They were going to do that anyway. This way, they at least get refinery pure stuff, instead of a hot load of heroin and rat poison. Ending prohibition hurt the mob. Legalizing drugs will hurt the gangs. America will be stronger with legal drugs than without. The wasted resources alone could launch thousands of small businesses, and essentially end unemployment.

Just my $0.02, I could be wrong.
But probably not.

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