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Modern Day Crusade

Just a short rant, today.

America needs to wake up and smell the coffee. So many on the left accuse President Bush of going on a crusade, an effort to liberate Christendom from the Muslim hordes. Does it not strike any of these people that we're fighting a defensive war - one that has been fomenting since 1979? The Islamic Fundamentalists (not the run-of-the-mill, peace loving Muslims) are looking to destroy everything we hold dear. They are obsessed with destroying the infidel - that's you and me, friend.

So, here it is in black and white, in terms a leftist holds dear:

They don't want women able to vote. Come to think of it, they don't want men able to vote, either. They want the priestly class to have all the say. You know, because that worked out so well for civilizations in Sumeria, Babylonia, ancient Egypt, Rome, all of Europe throughout the middle ages, and Afghanistan.

They want to eliminate most of our art. It's a sin in Muslim culture to make a picture of a person - it's raising a false idol, and in some states, can get you killed. So much for your plans to go to art college.

They're all about capital punishment. You talk back to a judge, while on trial for adultery, you die. Slowly. Publicly.

The 8th Amendment means nothing to them. Being murdered by stoning is nothing unusual there - if you're unfortunate enough to get caught using drugs, drinking, or having premarital sex.

They are VERY MUCH against abortion. Of course, since they'll execute you for having premarital sex, you won't get far enough in your term after your drunken one night stand to worry about needing an abortion. Just a burial plot. Oh, that's right - if you're executed that way, they bury you in an unmarked grave.

You can't do drugs, drink, or have premarital sex. Those are execution worthy offenses.

You can't decide where you want to go to school. If you're female, you can't even go to school.

These are the people who have a stated goal of making Earth one single Islamic nation. They want to eliminate your rights, because it erodes their power. They want to eliminate your education, becuase it keeps them stronger that way. They want to destroy every aspect of your way of life, every freedom you take for granted.

And the left wants to invite them in to do it.

USA today blared out a front page cover story, "Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 2000". Let's not forget the 3,000 American men and women who were murdered four years ago today for the simple crime of going to work.

There's a new crusade, all right. And it's against us. Will we stop them before it's too late? Or will we watch in horror as our new Islamic overlords use our Constitution as toilet paper?

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