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Lo-jacking my kids

This article on ZDNet (ZDNet%3A Printer Friendly - Human chips more than skin-deep) talks about the benefits and hazards of using RFIDs in subdermal implants.

Let me tell you, and I know this goes against the grain for a freedom-loving libertarian, but I like this idea. I want my kids lo-jacked. I want everyone lo-jacked.

Now, I don't want any real-time data stored. Screw that. I don't want anyone to know where I've been. However, what I would like to see:

  1. Where my kids are. If one of them gets kidnapped, God forbid, we'll be able to pinpoint the kidnapper immediately. Hopefully, the FBI's HRT will off the kidnapper and return the kid safe and sound. Failing that, a safe kid and a jailed kidnapper will do.
  2. Who was within 50 feet of another person when that person died. It's not too hard to have the implant chips note the cessation of function, and send out a signal to the wi-fi towers that said person has died. At that point, it takes a snapshot of everyone around, and the police get to question those people. Instead of wasting thousands of man-hours on knocking on people's doors, we have leads instantly.

Now, of course, people will say, "Well, folks with criminal intent won't get the implant." Fine. They don't have to be able to purchase things anymore, either. Your RFID can be linked to your bank account, and you use it to make withdrawals. (Of course, you'll also have to swipe a smart card, or perform some other PIN number of biometric scan, depending on how cheap the technology can be made.) When you get paid, it gets wired into your bank account. When you buy something, the RFID deducts the amount from your account. Simple as pie. Someone wants to steal your wallet? Great. They get some pictures of your kids. Your ID and your cash are safe. The way I see it, that's one less thing for my wife to lose. (Now, if I could just key the locks in our house to open when she walks by, I wouldn't have to get her new sets of keys on a weekly basis.)

Others say, "Hey! That sounds suspiciously like the mark of the beast." Yeah, well, such is life. If the only way to civilize people is to physically make it impossible to commit crimes, then, hey, I'm all for it.

The only valid point is, "Who's going to pay for this?" Well, this is where we run into some difficulty. However, there's some easy fixes.

  1. The RFIDs can transmit to nearby cellular towers. There is bandwidth to spare on there, so that's not a problem. The instantaneous update (when someone croaks) can be transmitted to servers at the FBI, to be doled out to the appropriate police department. (I don't mind paying SOME tax for cops.) Since there won't be NEARLY as much time wasted during crime investigations, that will clear up lots of cash for paying for that.
  2. Retailers eventually embraced bar codes and Visa cards, they'll get used to this, too. Especially when cash goes totally away.
  3. Who wouldn't chip in $100 at their child's birth to ensure that they can never be successfully kidnapped or mugged, and if, God forbid, someone decides to kill them, that someone can be found post-haste.

It's not like these things are expensive, either. When I got my dog from Lost Dog Rescue http://www.lostdogrescue.org/, they implanted one in him. (I guess it's to find me if I dognap my own dog.)

The cost savings in crime fighting alone make it worthwhile. (Especially a good idea for US workers in the middle east. That way, we can find the kidnappers/beheaders before they get around to killing our guys.)

Just my $0.02.

So much for "Libertarian", hu?
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