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The Destruction of Black America, Part 1

I went to school at a magnet high school for nerds in Louisville, Kentucky. I can imagine having this conversation with one of the black students there:

Me: You're culturally disadvantaged. You should be in easier classes, and graded more leniently.

Him/Her: [after beating the shit out of me for about 20 minutes] I disagree. It wounds me that you think that the color of my skin affects my ability to learn and assimilate information. Furthermore, it is an even more egregious slight that you feel that standards should be lowered for me.

Now, any normal, rational person should be able to follow that logic pretty well. Tell a black person that they are born to be inferior to you, and you will get a justified ass-kicking. You'd get both sides of the aisle doing it to you, as well - Alan Keyes and Jesse Jackson would both take time out of their busy schedules to come and beat you about the head and neck.

Yet, these same people, for reasons that have never been clear to me, vote in Democrats consistently. And what is the basis of the Democrat's education platform?
  • Lower the standards for black people. Allow them to get lower scores on standardized tests, and still get college admission. Give them preferential status when enrolling in schools, even when they get low grades.
  • Change the curriculum of all students, so that those who can't cut it won't feel bad about themselves.

Now, if I were a black person, hearing these tenets, what would I think they mean?

  • The Democrats don't think I'm smart enough to make it into and through school on my own merit.
  • No matter how well I do, I will never know if I achieved my grades and standing because of my efforts or my skin color. My every achievement will be tainted by the lack of faith that has been displayed in me.

The left is destroying the self-worth of black students from the beginning of their education to the end of their lives. To make it worse, by dumbing down the curriculum, the ones who want to make it are kept even more oppressed, because they are never exposed to the subjects that will help them excel in the world. Because they are refused a proper education, under the guise of "leaving no child behind", they are forced more and more into poverty and despair.

The left works to keep the black Americans down. They don't want to compete with blacks for jobs, school, money, housing, or resources. They pretend to be generous, by trying to give them gifts, but they give them the worst of everything, and tell them that it's for their own good. To the shame of Black America, too many of them believe it.

Interesting Post. It seems to me that the Democrats have condition the black community (which votes 90% Democrat) to feel as though they’re disadvantaged by default and voting Democrat time after time will somehow rectify this situation. The problem is that to continue to push legislation that’s supposed to compensate for some perceived racial inequality doesn’t allow society to equalize on its own. If we keep letting standards be lowered for black children and we keep having other set-asides like “Black History Month” and like, where are we ever going to get?
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